17 20 dating old old year year Bi sex cam

and they said yes, so i dont know if they were FORCING her or something else). prettiest girl i've ever been with, and she likes the exact same things as me, she spent 2years trying to get with me and we were best friends, but i kept saying no until she was close to 17. like, i'm a little different, don't get me wrong i like sex, but it's complicated past things, so i dont want to complicate future things.

might i add, it was one hit, she's been hit a total of 3years in her lifespan only, with the recent one leaving a bruise. lol *Taking note of Rachellelogram's post* Well your posts make you sound like you're about 15 years old, so I'd say go for it.

All but one female member of my senior prom had a college student as a date. The only thing i type remotely grammatically correct is my college essays.

The HS freshmen were after juniors, seniors wanted college students, and college freshmen pursued the seniors and grad students. " I understand the lifestyle differences between a high school and college student making the match unappealing, but implying that there's something pedophilic about it... x D though i still have issues with the number rule, like how you saw small numbers as one, two, three etc and big numbers as 10, 11, 12 three years? she turns 18 in july and i turn 21 in april lol And i can wait, it's only 8months, 7 until she graduates and in our state, when you graduate you gain your rights.

If her parents say she can't date you, she can't date you.

Her ass is theirs until she's 18, for the most part.

There are TONS of cute, smart, available 18-22 year olds at your disposal, and you have your heart set on a 17 year old child, despite the difficulties imposed by her parents.

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