2016 dating love man

The news here is clearly not that a famous celebrity who used to date women will now consider dating men—it’s that a famous transgender celebrity who used to date women may now date men.And of all the configurations of people who can become romantically involved with each other, that particular pairing ranks among the most stigmatized.

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But even though opposite-sex dating isn’t exactly news, tabloids—and even some semi-respectable outlets—promptly lost their minds when they watched the clip and saw Jenner’s subsequent discussion of the topic on The Today Show.

The Daily Mail made it into a headline, of course, but that’s to be expected.

Apparently it’s also news for a celebrated transgender woman to possibly love men.

And whenever tabloids whip themselves up into a frenzy over something Caitlyn Jenner said, we can reasonably certain that there’s something transphobic afoot.

But all the bigotry the Internet can muster can’t change the fact that some transgender women date men and vice versa.

Last modified 20-May-2015 20:37