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Code § 52.15 (relating to provider records); 55 Pa. (c) When in the opinion of the center administrator, providing access to the client, the responsible party or other parties would be potentially harmful to the health, safety or welfare of the client, centers may deny access.

Code § 52.17 (relating to critical incident and risk management); 55 Pa. Centers shall address these situations in accordance with § 11.16 (relating to reporting of unusual incidents). Code § 11.13 (relating to administration and organization); and 6 Pa. The purpose of this section and § § 11.212, 11.213, 11.221—11.223, 11.231, 11.232, 11.241—11.245, 11.251, 11.252, 11.261—11.270, 11.281, 11.282, 11.291 and 11.292 is to specify: (1) The procedures for the application for a license.

(6) Prescribed diets for clients with medically restricted diets shall be followed.

(5) Quantity of foods served at each meal shall contain at least 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary allowances as established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council.

(b) Entries in a client’s record shall be legible, dated and signed by the person making the entry. Code § 11.13 (relating to administration and organization); and 6 Pa. Each client’s record shall include: (1) Personal information including: (i) The name, sex, admission date, birth date and social security number of the client. (b) The most current copies of record information required in § 11.193(3) and (5) shall be kept at the center.

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