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Robert Work (ok, ok, he’s still Undersecretary of the Navy…for now). Putting PGS into the VLS does something far more interesting than just “add capability”. PGS on a surface ship transforms the largely defensive nature of the U. surface combatant/carrier escort to, well, “offense”. And that shift from the “Missile Defense” destroyer or “Air Defense” cruiser of old to a “Global Strike Combatant” will pose a real conceptual challenge for everybody–from those walking Aegis deckplates to any potential adversaries.

Meet Arc Light–the weapon that will change the way the world thinks about U. surface combatants: 2,000 nm) vehicle that carries a 100-200 lb payload(s).

Arc Light is based on an SM-3 Block II booster stack, a hypersonic glider and is capable of being launched from a Mark 41 Vertical Launch System (VLS) tube.

The mean and spatial patterns of the land surface temperature trends over the AMIP period are generally well simulated with the T85 ensemble relative to observations, however the model is not able to capture the extent nor magnitude of changes in temperature extremes over the boreal summer, where the changes are most dramatic.

Biases in the wintertime Arctic surface temperature and annual mean surface stress fields persist with T85 as with the CAM3 version of T85, as compared to FV1.

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