Dubai hook up sex

These girls never started as prostitutes in their home country so after one or two years in this work, it’s practically impossible for girls to lead a normal life.But yes i have met very few girls who have been released of their loan and luckily one of the customers fell in love, listening to sad tale and marries the girl or maybe even some girls( very rarely ) would take up a decent day job.Living in Dubai for almost 14 years and hanging around with top police officials, government officials, diplomats and the rich and the famous allowed me the opportunity to get to the depth of the real scene.

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Since they saw me that i come here regularly they started to speak to me, off course they initially started to speak to me, assuming that i am a prospective customer.

My reply was negative, i clearly told them “I come here to chill out & for the music not for sex”.

Few later, when i was undercover, working on a theft case and keeping a trace about a certain gang at a Disco.

I was practically each night at this disco, that’s when i came in contact with some Russian girls at this joint.

Getting to know these girls closer broke the ice between us and they sometimes shared their grief with me.

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