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Despite his love of the theater and literature, as well as his atheism, he remained a staunchly conservative man whose aristocratic proclivities drew him to the extreme right.In December of 1906 he married Françoise Brasseur whose wealthy bourgeois family offered a significant dowry that was lost in the wake of World War I.

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Beauvoir had been a deeply religious child as a result of her education and her mother's training; however, at the age of 14, she had a crisis of faith and decided definitively that there was no God. Her rejection of religion was followed by her decision to pursue and teach philosophy.

Only once had she considered marriage to her cousin, Jacques Champigneulle.

Unlike Beauvoir, all three men had attended the best preparatory ( in philosophy and thus became the youngest philosophy teacher in France.

It was during her time at the École Normale that she met Sartre.

Aware that he was unable to provide a dowry for his daughters, Georges' relationship with his intellectually astute eldest became conflicted by both pride and disappointment at her prospects.

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