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I have been handling this so gently, but I will now have to give it a whack and report back with the results. I tried Debbie's trick and whacked the camera smartly on the side a couple of times and it works fine now. LOL Meredith Tue, -0800 I have a Sony TRV82 camcorder. When the code popped up I Googled it and found I wasn't the only one. Steve Hudson Tue, -0800 I had a Sony Camcorder around 2001. The ba%^&rd was doing it for my uni graduation, and I was going to go to Australia the following year so I was annoyed. I'd hid my Sony DCR-PC101E away for over a year as it came up with this error whilst I was playing back a tape of me and an ex(need I say more) and the tape got stuck I couldn't open it or do anything as there was no way I was going to take it in for a service with that in there. I guess I gotta get my old tape coverted to DVD quick before this whack a camera trick stops working :) John Sun, -0800 Whacked it 5 times and it just worked!! Tried Smacking It Sun, -0800 OK add another whacker. Thank you for this page and sign me up if anyone wants to put the squeeze on SONY. I have a sony dcr-trv250 for about 2 years and it started acting up. Thnx sony, I always wanted to wack the heck out of a 300 dollar camera. When I put a tape in, you can hear it START UP, but then after five seconds or so it dies down. Please help, thanks to anyone who can offer assistance. Was just about ready to send it in to Sony to fix it. Thanks Zakoos Mon, -0800 re just i have smacked a little bit but the only thing is that . Zakoos from france Mon, -0800 Smacking the unit delayed the error untill the tape was moving, but fast forwarding and then search rewinding for a min has stopped the error for now."Who says violence and technology don't mix?! exlex from atomic Tue, -0800 I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I HAVEN'T USED MY CAMERA IN OVER 2 YEARS CAUSE OF THIS ERROR I LOOKED ONLINE FOR 20 MIN AND BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THE TAPE SIDE OF THE CAMERA AND VAVOOM IT WORKS!!!

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I tried Sony cutomer service and they told me to go get it serviced. Some methods seem to follow from generation, to generation. bye greetings from Mxico Albert Sun, -0800 Unbelievable! Thought it was condensation at first, tried it today, and did same thing.. I was just about to take it to Best Buy and PAY to have them fix it -- then I found this website, hit the camera and IT WORKED!!! Can't wait until my husband tells this to his co-workers at SONY!!!!! This type of fix works so well for a type A personality. I asked them how the heads could be dirty on a brand new unit? I switched tapes; it worked for a little while, but now we're back to the same thing. I used to buy Sony products, but after this and some very bad experiences with the Sony Mavica cameras, I'll going with someone else the next time! Since some one said "if it doesn't work, smack harder", so I smack it with a magazine. I bought a new (but slightly inferior) camcorder for 180 and stashed the faulty one for a rainy day, when I could dismantle it and hope to find it was just a sticky mechanism. But I decided to look on the net first, just in case someone else had had a similar problem - of course I thought because Sony said they didn't know what the error was, that it must be highly unusual. Thinking that smacking it hard would at least give me a better reason to be charged 200 I got stuck in. Worked for a minute then stopped so I smacked it harder.

This old trick used to work with 'ye olde televisions. Beat the tar out of it today and back to working fine. Mary Sat, -0800 Wow, I can't believe this worked. Arthur Fonzarelli Sun, -0800 I've had the same problem with a Sony DCR-PC101E videocamera, with a the C flashing and beeping error message, the last month. i am going to buy a minidv or dvd recorder, but need cam to work before i convert film to dvd. I smack it like it owns me a million $ -- and finally, it BROKE! Ooops too hard - now the tape is stuck inside, won't relase :s Took the strap off to allow the cover to move more freely, took the battery out, tried again to open it - no joy - put battery back, switched on and off and hey presto, the tape comes out! I tried many different tapes, and came to the conclusion it was not them at fault.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

It has just come back with this fault supposedly fixed, but the C: is still there. Joel Rowbottom Sat, -0800 Gracias Debbie you're great!!! Error "23" means: "S reel emergency during normal rotation",i.e. Well done Debbie, you should be charging for service fees lol Tracey Mon, -0800 The same C: error message appeared on my Sony Handycam TRV460 after about a year of owning it. I decided to browse the web today in hopes for a solution. Tried swapping tapes, sometimes worked, but not always. Looking back to my early years in TV broadcasting I remembered hitting the RCA logo on the front of our monitors would correct minor problems, so I guess it still works Don Plambeck Tue, -0800 I tried the smacking theory in my Sony trv-740 but doesnt work. JV Thu, -0800 Who says violence and technology don't mix!

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