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As my eyes began to stir, my mind ran through the replay of what had taken place the day before. Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,570 | Tags: younger woman older man blowjob sucking eating pussy fuck hard | 1 Comment Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? The wind swept through the valley, relieving some of the heat of the day.

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I grasped the base with my dainty hands and licked the head like a lollipop while smiling...

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She grabbed a bag of groceries from the passenger seat, then unbuckled and hoisted Brian from his car seat. I work as an assistant accountant for a retail company based in the United States. If you looked into her eyes, it was as if you were in a trance. This was one of those nice slow blowjobs that he liked to start the day with.

My boss, LJ, stunning in every way, and basically ran the finance department. I made it especially wet for him today, slobbering all over his thick shaft while lovingly looking up at his eyes.

He usually came round at least once a week to spend a few hours with us. The delicious smell of bacon and French toast met Stephen's nose as he descended the stairs, adjusting his tie.

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