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Finding out you are expecting a baby can evoke many contradicting emotions of joy and excitement, switching to panic and fear. If you are one of the few families who find out they are expecting triplets, quads or even more, then these feelings may be quite overwhelming!

Apart from that, it is the same old dating problems with a different sheen.

While there are plenty of lurid headlines out there on Tinder Social that mention orgies and "enabling group sex," it's a stronger likelihood that you'll be listening to an offbeat tambourine playing in an empty pub.

It helps keeps the groups fresh, if anything, and you can disband your group anytime if it's not working out.

I was hoping to score a group date for the purpose of this piece, but unfortunately no luck on that front.

She is also happy to chat to any parents who: Tamba has an online Facebook page for parents of triplets and higher multiples.

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