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However, as things get more generalised, stereotypes gain more credence.It’s as if the social assumptions surrounding interracial relationships are so strongly ingrained in Kenyan culture that everyone looks at their personal experience as an exception rather than the rule.

So how does that affect the evolution of a relationship and the issues they have to deal with? For newlyweds Chaka, 30, and Dani, 23, it all started in Devon, England, where Chaka was studying agriculture and Dani was working.

While they knew of each other, they didn’t become close until Chaka had actually left to go back to Kenya.

Chaka surprised her with a six-week visit to the UK that June, and Dani decided to take the plunge and move to Kenya in September.

The issue then became explaining the decision to their parents. Her parents had met Chaka and knew him fairly well.

’” But given time, his parents accepted the situation, which they saw as a trial marriage.

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