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After initial device pairing, all you do is launch the app, and all of your photos and videos are instantly available on your phone. Featuring a 16MP sensor that captures HD videos, 146° wide angle lens, and easy connectivity with both i OS and Android phones*.

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BUY NOW BUY ACCESSORIES Designed to fit your hand seamlessly and the moment naturally, RE provides distraction-free video and photo capture.

Its one-button operation won’t leave you fumbling between modes, and its 146° wide angle lens captures everything without a clumsy viewfinder. RE Live Stream allows video streaming directly on You Tube from your RE or remotely from the RE App.

We have spent considerable time organizing the Taiwan beach weather and live beach cams in a way that's easy to use and helps you enjoy the beach.

Here you will find accurate beach weather and swimming information.

Furthermore, it’s as easy as clicking on the name of the channel you would want to watch on our list, and you’re ready to go.

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