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was founded in 2008 to protest sexism, patriarchy and violence while advocating for feminism.Its members became well-known for protesting naked against sexism, trafficking, religious institutions and sex tourism, among others.In an environment like France where many feminists, including Muslim ones, insist that taking a woman’s clothes off (i.e.

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We can also provide recent converts with useful resources and advice, to help them get started with their newfound faith.

Video chatting enables web users from all around the world to chat anywhere at anytime.

Changing Your Outlook Caring for Yourself Community Q&A Loving being naked can be difficult, especially if you do not like your body or if you have low self-confidence.

You can change the way you feel about being naked by improving your body image and taking good care of yourself.

Movements such as Islamic feminism (which is itself varied, and also has its problems and challenges) have demonstrated that Western feminism is not necessarily the answer for Muslim women because sometimes feminisms can even be Islamophobic as explored by Sharrae in an earlier post.

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