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He apparently also did a series of comedy albums (I thought that was an extinct species.) I preferred him on Tara to his stand-up act - he found the sweet spot between the characters annoying and endearing qualities.

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-- so I can't share the highlights I intended to (wah-wah) but [SPOILER] the funniest moment came when Patton Oswalt was discussing his nude scene with Charlize and an audience member asked if he worked out from nerves beforehand.

He said that going to the gym for his body would be like building a nice awning over a pile of rubble...

Abundance of riches, that, and the movie wouldn't have worked at all without someone of her caliber headlining.

My recorder mysteriously contains only silence for 25 minutes --wtf?

Unlike Witherspoon, for instance, Theron at least seems to have wised up and become more disciminating about the quality scripts and talent with whom she's willing to work.

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