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Club huts at Cairngorm, Glencoe, Glenshee and Nevis Range provided excellent meeting places for members as well as a secure refuge from the elements. We’re waiting with baited breath for that first flight – or jump as it can sometimes be.The Scottish Ski Club (SSC) was founded in 1907 to promote all types of skiing in Scotland.

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She has been seen in flight within the territory and is doing fantastically well.

She has been one of the stars of favourite TV show, Springwatch this year, along with featuring on the UK’s first ever white-tailed eagle webcam, available for the whole world to see.

Probably not for long now though, as it turned 11 weeks old yesterday.

The adults, Iona and Fingal seem to be bringing in less prey.

It will probably stick with them for a few more months and leave in October, giving Iona and Fingal some free time.

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