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We request inform us as soon as possible if you are not able to meet the girl before the meeting starts. If meetings are regularly cancelled and if this exceeds the amount of actual meetings you had with our girls, this will lead to a decrease in your value as a client and the possibility to become blacklisted by us.EXTENDING YOUR MEETING: If you have made an appointment with a girl, then you are guaranteed that you can enjoy the entire duration of the meeting that you have specified when you created the reservation. If someone already has made a reservation after your reservation then you will not be able to extend your appointment.(If the time you chose for a booking is not suitable then the operator will propose new time for the booking).

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Roksolana wishes to offer our clients the best possible service and pleasure with our girls. All complaints, suggestions and requests you can send to: email: [email protected] App: 31626015619 Kind Regards Roksolana Team English version click here Dutch version click here We would like to tell more about roksolana escort service.

Our tightly-welded team of like-minded professionals have extensive experience in the escort business.

or the services of the operator, please write a message on Whats App: 31626015619 email: [email protected] you can explain your complaint in more detail.

In this way you can inform us if a girl did not provide a service that is listed on her profile.

If you want the girl to visit you not in the hotel and you’ve never had a meeting with Roksolana girls, the girl may ask you to pay the taxi price in advance to insure against fake booking. If you agree, Roksolana guarantees that you won’t lose your money.

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