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My wife and I aren't ashamed; we simply don't think the donor's biographical info or the details of our fertility treatments should be up for grabs.

I get flustered and say more in my answer than intended.

I reach for your cock, loving how swollen you always get from servicing someone.

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Is there a quick way to shut down the conception questions without offending our loved ones? ” are four words that should not be uttered consecutively to a woman who has just told you the happy news of her pregnancy.

Of course you are entitled to tell your loved ones nothing.

We love the mountains, the sea, the sun, the beach. If you want something special, if you have a fetish or naughty secret fantasy - we could talk to you about it, maybe we will fulfill your dream! Do not take screenshots of our video chat, do not post them anywhere, in fact, it is illegal. We will be glad to receive from you tokens in any quantity.

We want to improve the quality of our video and lighting, in order for you more pleasant to look at us.

Musician Melissa Etheridge and her then-partner Julie Cypher finally revealed their children were fathered by David Crosby because they felt keeping the secret was a burden, and their daughter, at age 3, was asking if she had a daddy.

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