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Since some of the work I do as a psychology student also involves kindergartners, we found common ground, and eventually started talking about the cute little "gifts" the children sometimes give. Many of my kids don’t have water or electricity." Some of them live in campers or tents, and Lannie said "We also battle head lice and just plain filth." But poor health isn’t the only problem facing her students.

Between the Valentine’s Day cards I’ve received, and the bright red lipstick and sticker-covered soap she’s been given, it seemed that the children I know were very similar to Lannie’s students. Their poverty causes their schoolwork to suffer, too.

The normal response would be for them to say "All right"? Mostly used by blue collar workers but also common among younger people. It basically means the same asass, but is much ruder.

You would say it to a complete stranger or someone you knew. Sometimes it might get expanded to "all right mate"? Arse - This is a word that doesn't seem to exist in America.

She freely admitted that she was "a dumb college student who got involved with the wrong guy." She drops Angela off to stay with her grandmother, and picks her up there after work.

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