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'Probably the easiest thing to do is to sit in Slovenia and whine about how the brains are draining.

I think that it would be better to focus on the good side of this phenomenon and try as a nation to take the best advantage of it that we can'.

Greater cooperation with universities, public institutions and research institutes can be achieved by promoting contacts, networking, etc.

A large number of scientists have, for example, shown interest in taking part in the reform of higher education.' Dr Mulec warns that closer cooperation with Slovenian experts from abroad is not a project the results of which will be visible overnight, and points out that the Office is aware that in order for major changes to take place in this field, the cooperation of several state institutions at different levels is needed.

Getting experienced Slovenians to return to Slovenia or at least collaborate with Slovenia is something that needs to be motivated, not compelled.' In order that these and other opinions of Slovenian experts living and working abroad can be heard in Slovenia, and above all in order to take advantage of their knowledge and experience in the home country, the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad has this year begun implementing ambitious plans.

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