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Everyone will see the evidences to this very soon.” When asked how he had discovered the threat of with the British “deep state,” he responded that it was a recent revelation that he could back up with evidence through “thousands of documents, photographs and pictures.Many books…the Internet.” He added that this was no judgment on the British state itself, which he views as separate.

Outside was a large swimming pool and a garden featuring live rabbits and lambs that is ringed by a high wall and heavy security.

Active in Turkey since 1980, Oktar focuses his brand of Islam on close reading of the Quran, with dramatic presentations similar to Christian televangelism.

He is fond of tweeting and blogging incessantly about his ideas, such as his newest theory that the British “deep state” is behind major world events, notably the recent suicide bombings at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport, which killed 44 and injured 240 people.

On July 3, he tweeted that “the British secret state contracted the attack against the Atatürk Airport to the PKK.

Yet: “Turkey is not suitable for a presidential system—he wants a presidential system, and I am against that, because it will bring a federal system, and it will divide Turkey.” For Oktar, this relates to the threat of the PKK.

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