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It confirmed it had been out of commission, a "museum piece", when the First Doctor met it.It also confirmed that the Doctor had stolen it, denying the Eleventh Doctor's attempt to characterise the action as "borrowing".(TV: The Doctor's Wife) The precise model number of the Doctor's TARDIS was a matter of some confusion, particularly when it was compared to those of other Time Lords.

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(TV: The Visitation, Attack of the Cybermen, The Eleventh Hour, Victory of the Daleks, The Girl Who Waited and many others) However, because the TARDIS was a living being, these "faults" may instead have been at least partially attributed to the manifestation of the ship's free will.

Indeed, the TARDIS itself once told the Eleventh Doctor that it may not have always taken him where he wanted to go, it had always taken him to where he needed to go.

According to this view he achieved control of the TARDIS without using a direct mental link.

This let him bypass the feature on most TARDISes which sent a tracking signal to the Time Lords.

(COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone) According to the Moment, the noise the TARDIS made when it appeared brought hope to anyone who heard it, no matter how lost they were.

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