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Restrictions apply: You need to own the domain and it must be a regular domain not something generic like .

Development costs for this type of software are very high (it requires advanced programming of very new technologies in multiple programming languages).

To keep standard licensing fees low all standard versions come with a startup screen (shown just during load time) and a non-intrusive link in flash right click menu.

Examples for full mode license white labeling: - For using 1 product (including all editions) on a site, in full mode and white labeled, 1 license and 1 white label must be ordered.

- For using 3 products (including all editions) on a site and all sub domains 2 licenses will be required and 6 white labelings.

We reserve the right to keep a copy of your custom application on our hosts for demonstrative purposes and mention these in our marketing literature, also use the custom implementations in future products or upgrades.

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