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I don’t mean that what I’ve got to say is worthless. If you’re not willing to make time for success then success will desert you. Before I start work each day, or at the very beginning of the week, or very first thing back from lunch, I ask myself: If it is (heh) then I find the first gap in my calendar that isn’t filled with something more important than the most important thing I could be doing and schedule it.

AND so often we make ourselves busy with all of the little tasks, like reducing our inbox to 0 unread (crucial to success), checking that social media channel for the 14th time this morning (an absolute must do), or catching up on our reading (because we might miss that bit of info that’s going to make all the difference). Want to know what I do to avoid the toxic tailspin? Can’t decide which out of 3 things you came up with are most important?

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