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Business Insider first broke the story (click here to read the story), and while the article initially reported the girl’s real name, they later changed it to an alias “Minerva Mc Gonagall” because she almost immediately started to get harassed with negative criticisms.

But why Business Insider decided to use the name of a well known witch – Professor Minerva Mc Gonagall, from the Harry Potter movie certainly puzzles me.

However, if she had been up front about her intentions (as many of the members on Seeking or Whats Your are), then there is absolutely nothing wrong with what she is doing.

So, my suggestion for Jessica and her roommate, is to abandon

If you haven’t heard of Jessica, she is a super sexy 23-year old single girl from New York City who decided her $45,000 a year salary is simply not enough to make ends meet in the Big Apple. Join, pay $50 a month in subscription fees to the online dating website and find men who are willing to take her out on dates and pay for dinner and drinks! They would schedule dates every day of the week, rotating from a list of men they kept on a spreadsheet.

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