samples of womens dating profiles - Allow automatic updating android market

Would love the option [ ] Only when Wi Fi is available On a lot more places then just for automated updates, but yeah, it would be a great start!

:-) This needs to happen, and it needs to happen quickly.

Just check in the market the applications you have already installed, and uncheck the auto update. : Auto update has always allowed you to choose which apps update automatically and which dont.

For those of us that do not have unlimited data and do not want to run up against the limit because foursquare or some other app decides it needs a daily 10mb update. This feature was the very first thing I was "thinking" off after having used my andoird phone after just 1 day and looking at my dataplan usage and went O_o?!

As a result I too had to turn off auto-update on every addon manually, a real pain to do.

I tried to stop it from the Market app and it crashed the Market app every time I click on the stop button. I really want this feature but having 83 people starred this issue and left unanswered for more than 1 year, I'm beginning to think that google really has no intention to fix it - they actually want you to use MORE data than less, so it's pointless for them to limit it. I just noticed I had a widget that reported data usage.

Turns out I've managed to use 300 MB over my 3G connection, and I'm rarely at a place without wifi, and I take the time out daily to check the marketplace and hit the "update all" option when it's there.

Please provide Market option for "Auto Update on only with Wi Fi connection" I was relying on my phone to help me navigate the town when I was on vacation. On wifi I can easily get to 80-90MB/day usage when all updates are switched on and without installing any new apps...

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