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She gets out of the car so she can look at him properly, keys dangling from her palm. She slammed her rusty driver's side door and locked her truck before turning back to him, "Sure."They set off to the Caddy a few feet away when she offered, "I'm Nellie. " The Turkish-Muslim rolled her eyes at his quip, which were heavily coated with liner and mascara."Nah, Figgins just wants to make sure I'm still here, didn't get into an 'criminal' trouble this summer." She rolled her eyes again, leaning forward a tad as she talked to Blake, letting him get a full eye of cleavage. The bell zinged seconds later, and Aylin and Blake traded goodbyes before heading off on their separate ways, Blake still eating his breakfast. He groaned, pulling out his phone and stuffing the remnants of the food in his mouth.

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She propped open the car door, hopping up onto the beat-up leather seat. She attempted at turning the key in the ignition, but it wouldn't budge. He had this awkward curly hair that kind of stuck to his head and cheerful blue eyes.

She groaned, trying to snap the key, but with no avail. She kicked the peach out under a bush near the front door, before kicking the tire again. He wore a sweater-vest and sleek gray trousers, a cracked leather messenger bag in one hand, a brown-bag lunch in the other. She was about ten feet away from the sputtering car when Mr. " She turned, raising her eyebrows in question."Do you sing? She shrugs again and turns around, calling after her,"I'll think about it. Blake Jenner sauntered over to his locker, hair still wet from his after-practice shower.

But that took months, and those who'd taken her before knew that clearly."I'm Mrs.

Springs, and I will be teaching you the meanings of health this year, and sex-ed." She stated firmly, ignoring the snickers from the football players in the corner of the room nearest the back exit. " The Turkish-Muslim girl sucker-punched her insult. Finally there was little space between Aylin's and Maria's shoulders to see the flash of dark hair.

She sunk back out onto the pavement, kicking the front tire, causing the peach to fall from it's position in her mouth and onto the chalky pavement of the condo's parking lot. A pair of blue-lensed Aviators perched on top of the sticky curls."Um, yeah. " She shrugs, "You should come to Glee club today after school. He was on the football team, and for the first two months of school they were doing morning drills. And a muffin."Hey, Blake." Aylin Bayramoglu called, whirling around from where she was leant against the principal office's door.

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