Asian dating new zealand

Within the past 2-3 years theres been a huge influx from my point of view of "foreigners". And now since I'm currently studying at Curtin College (which is a international school, inside Curtin University) I've gotten to know a whole load of international students which are all pretty set on the idea that I'm actually Australian.

I would say the Caucasian university population are complacent with there being other races in their society.

a) How are their job prospects b) Their levels of social integration c) The dating scene for Asian males and females in either country? The Australian government doesn't seem as race conscious as America, indeed I found it almost confronting how you classify people by race in America (e.g. I think Asian Australians are pretty well integrated in general, but obviously the ones who are new here will stick together like any other group (with the exception of maybe the English, Kiwis and South Africans). Some Australian women don't really seem to be interested in dating Asians, but you'll probably find somebody.

d) Reception to Asian culture among the people in both places... I think Asian culture has definitely been embraced more recently, from food, to things like holistic/traditional medicine.

Sorry for such a long winded post but I would really like to hear opinions from all you Antipodean people (especially those that have been around or spent tons of time on both sides of the Tasman) regarding each of your country's linkages with Asia. I understand well there are going to be variations within both countries but I just want to find out the general trends and sentiments regarding Asia/Asians in the aforementioned nations! A lot of Australians have been to Asia, even if just to Bali, so they have an awareness of other cultures (moreso than most other countries).

So which of the two antipodean nations has a friendlier attitude to Asia and Asian people? Please tell me your reasons why you think that way.

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