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With your support, we are a major player in the fight against AIDS and meeting the unique needs of every community we serve.

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As both of the cubs are too young to survive on their own in the wild a team from Free the Bears were called and immediately set off on a 600km round-trip to Muang Hiam in order to retrieve the cubs and bring them back to their base in Luang Prabang.

The Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre is Laos' only dedicated rescue facility specifically for threatened bears, and is currently home to 29 Moon bears already rescued from the illegal wildlife trade."The cubs were both very thin and had little fur covering their bodies.

Through our Dare to Bear campaign and our community of supporters, we raised almost $80,000 for our partner in Durban, South Africa. In Mombasa, Kenya, we’ve established the ‘Youth Zone,’ a space created by youth for youth.

All young people in the community, including over 400 youth receiving HIV treatment in our program, are welcomed for youth-specific services that includes prevention, treatment, and sexual and reproductive health services. We believe in the power of the arts to heal and have continued to integrate music and the arts into our programs through two new partnerships.

The cubs, thought to be around 4-5 months old, were badly malnourished at the time of their rescue and would have been unlikely to survive much longer if action had not been taken.

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