Bradley james dating does emma watson dating rupert grint

R21, true, but even minor actors (on nonetheless semi-popular shows) can have obsessive or creepy fans who are a bit too invested in his personal life, or get offended / angry that an actor or character they like isn't dating the person they want him to, so maybe he wants to avoid that altogether.And was he really that open about his personal life before? She is not that attractive or talented, and I may post some links later to sites where she is being bashed.[quote]And he used to talk a bit about his personal life in interviews before he started dating her, so why has he clammed up?It's pathetic, absolutely PATHETIC on the part of these so called "fans" that they think it is okay to harass his girlfriend.

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She's beautiful and her and Bradley seem really happy together so enough already FFS! Bradley and Georgia King are not on vacation together. So yeah, he's dating her, not Angel and it seems like they've been together a few years, probably living together at this point. One thing I wish is that he'd get together with that guy from Lewis (something Fox) and get a production company together - get some scripts.

Newsflash: Bradley is NOT going to date any of you losers! There IS a weird fangurl around who insists he's dating Angel, Angel is not his type. This is a really INSANE fangurl forum for him but they're all seriously batshit.

I'm also not sure about how I feel about some of the comments he and Colin Morgan have made about the homoerotic subtext between their characters.

A lot of fans like it, but they seem to get offended when anyone asks if their is a gay subtext between their characters. R6, I actually think Bradley's been pretty cool with it - in some of the first interviews about the series, he said it wasn't his or Colin's intent to convey a romantic relationship, but that they nonetheless wanted to show there being an intense bond, so he was flattered that people picked up on it from their performances.

I've been following Merlin for a while, and it seems like there are always "rumors" about who the cast is dating, but nothing ever confirmed by the cast themselves, including Bradley (which is why there were rumors that he was dating Angel Coulby, etc.) I just can't remember any of them providing specifics on their personal lives, vs. R22, up until last year, when Bradley and Colin had been interviewed and asked if they had girlfriends, both had said no and had revealed they were single. But the moment that Bradley started dating Georgia King, that changed. He didn't talk about it that much then except to make the occasional mention that he was single.

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