Brendan fehr dating majandra delfino

Max has healing powers; Michael has defense powers.All three, for that matter, have very "alien" appetites, leading to their overuse of Tabasco sauce on all their food.has been one of Majandra’s best friends since ‘Roswell’. They have each others Chinese zodiac signs tattooed on the foot.

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The thing that really helped this show, though --with a threat of cancellation as early as its first season-- was its fans.

So intrigued were they of the developing Max and Liz interstellar love story that they sent countless bottles of Tabasco sauce to the production offices, in an attempt to get the series renewed.

Isabel, for example, could enter the dreams of other students, just by touching their yearbook photo.

She could also melt taco cheese with only a wave of her hand, listen to a music CD just by holding it to her ear, and turn a bottle of ketchup into her favorite other condiment, and back again.

He currently lives inbetween Los Angeles, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife, Jennifer Rowley, whom he married in July 2006.

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