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Dawn just rolled her eyes and climbed into the van.Cordelia Chase was already seated on the middle bench, right behind the driver's seat. Her hair was starting to get long again, and she was dressed in what he guessed was the height of Italian fashion, looking every inch a sophisticated European woman. A/N: Here I am, supposed to be packing to move (again), and instead I'm writing another chapter for this monstrosity. Anyway, big thanks to YOUPIN, a.a.k.88, --J, kwangmablade, Childe of the Daywalker, your local dealer, angel-cordy, and Polia for dropping comments.-----"I will need the help of a she-creature.

She nodded to her as she settled on the back bench next a good-looking black guy. "He's a real big deal back in Rome—everybody loves him.""Except you? Just looking at her made his heart ache a little for the guileless Sunnydale girl.

"Hi," she greeted him, holding out her hand, "I'm Dawn.""Charles Gunn," he introduced himself, giving her hand a good squeeze."You're a friend of Angel's? "Unfortunately."Cordelia leaned over the back of her seat and whispered, "So who's Mr. ""He and Buffy had sex on my bed." Gunn made a weird snorting noise that might have been a disguised laugh, and Cordelia was smiling as she turned back around. I have to sleep there."-----Hearing that Buffy was dating the Immortal was bad enough, Angel decided, but actually seeing them being a cooing, lovey-dovey couple made him want to gag. Then, Cordelia climbed out of the van and put her hand on his arm.

Why Gunn had come along, Angel still wasn't sure—the man had shown up at the hotel that morning looking alternately pissed off and glum. Looking down, he found a small cardboard had been left on the top step.

Angel had asked what was up and where Gwen was, but both those questions had only earned him dirty looks. It was addressed to him, care of Wolfram & Hart."What's that?

All of Dawn's attempts to start a conversation had been rebuffed, so she'd finally given up and stuck to her books.

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