Can you go to jail for dating a minor

The only difference between the Poor and Jail is when the Prisoner sits on his outside he looks OUT of a fence. But we can't afford the extra gas it takes to run around and visit our friends as much as we want to.

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I shit you not during my 3 years working there I saw the same assholes multiple times.a homeless man may have no roof over his head and may be eating garbage and leftovers, but he is free.

so if you are a homeless person and value food, water, shelter over freedom occasional food, water, shelter, jail is the way to go! For example freezing to death or having a medical condition that will kill you and jail sounds better. Not uncommon to do a minor crime for things like that.

Most of them actually make tons of money from begging (like $30-$200 per day depending on location) which they then use to go on a bender drinking alcohol and doing drugs. In Greece and Spain, for example, a lot of people is finding themselves on the streets all thanks to the banks who, literally, stole their money. Some don't have family or they've burned too many bridges. Why would a homeless guy want to go to jail when he is suppose to be feeding his family? Mostly I've found they have illness' in some way and just don't have family to take care of them. Source: I've talked to many homeless people living in California.

Trust me, that people is not doing 200$ a day and doing drugs with it. One homeless lady worked and saved her money but didn't want to pay mortgage or rent, so she slept on the bench each day. As a teenager, even though it's extremely illegal, my friends and I would play "Hey, mister! There are quite a few cool homeless people out there, although I wouldn't recommend going out and finding random ones to befriend.

Make THEM pay for their stay in Jail/Prison and save us a TON of money in keeping them incarcerated.

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