Cancer survivor singles dating alleenstaande ouders dating

Great stress reliever, especially if u r feeling too sick to get out about so much. So im single, 27 and live in upstate NY, any takers? When I was going through public school I only had two good friends.Anyhow would love to hear from anyone who just like to chat. Michael I think it would be a great idea because we are all in the same place in our lives for the most part and dealing with the same thing and it would help us be able to deal with dating and relationships and share what works and what doesnt with cancer in our lives. No one seems to want to date someone who has had cancer, I guess for fear it will come back and they will have to deal with it. we are people who have an amazing ZEST and LOVE for life... WE hold compassion and understanding close to use, and long to give it away. It wasn't until 7th grade when I transferd to a special needs school would I make more friends.When you feel like giving up, attempt instead to give away. It really does make you think hard about who you judge to be a close friend or a potential life partner. I love that we are all here for eachother.i've had girlfriends..while they told me they didn't have a problem dating a survivor in the beginning that was always the implicit reason the relationship ended.

It is a great idea they could do 2 different boards to deal with the subject so that there is a seperate page for older singles/ married couples too so that others can have help with the same topic but us younger survivors I think do have problems in that area. I have never, ever had a boyfriend, or been on a date or anything.

Hi Michael, I am definitely thinking it would be a great idea. I look fine, when I tell people I had cancer they're really shocked because I don't look like I've been sick.

Its so hard to explain to people what its like being a cancer survivor, young, single and dating. I feel like I'm not pretty enough for guys if I've never had a boyfriend, and its so hard when you're 24 years old and have never been kissed.

I know that now I look for something a lot different in my relationships than I did in the past. I'm in my last year of college so that may be a factor. I'm a simple girl, I don't need much to be happy, I just can't find any guys who feel the same way.

I think there should be a like section of dedicated to singles who had/ have cancer and are searching for relationships.

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