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Each one of us is unique and irreplaceable, and worthy of the very best.

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Any and everything we choose to do should be in tune with that transformation of our hearts and minds and souls.

The challenge for those who are not married is to find appropriate and just ways of expressing what their relationship means.

Often, it is because they do not feel loved by God and do not see themselves as being made in His image and likeness. It means that every one of us is worthy - valuable - deserving of all that is good.

If they knew this, it would make them realize that they have dignity. Teenagers who do not know this often end up not having love and respect for themselves. If your advise to your daughter focuses on rules of "don't do this" or "don't do that," she most likely will not listen much because she will think that you are merely trying to restrict her and also that you do not trust her.

The reality of love, God’s very self, is the transformation of human persons into beings who can live forever with God.

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