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That all ended swiftly when Doane said that he found out that Mickie James and John Cena were allegedly having an affair.

Spirit Squad May Get Regular Role in WWE – No Issues Between Doane & Cena #WWE #Spirit Squad #John Cena #Ken Doane https://t.co/qu T1s79w KX pic.twitter.com/mht67f PQ5X — 411 Wrestling (@411wrestling) November 2, 2016 reported back in 2012 that Doane went to Twitter to talk about the situation.

Trish irish whips Mickie was in set to do the mick-rana. John says, "That match was crazy last week but if you would have tagged me in we would have never lost." Mickie, "Well, I couldn't because all the guys and you were fighting outside!

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However, reported that John Cena filed for divorce in 2012 and his soon-to-be ex-wife said that Cena had been cheating on her through the years.

Just a few months after the John Cena divorce was finalized, Cena was dating Nikki Bella.

(She kicks Mickie and she is knocked out) Oh, and one more thing me and Chris here, will be sure to take care of John while you're gone. " Chris, "Yea" End segment Week 3Next Week- John is in an interview about the Mickie segment, when suddenly he her screaming and it sounds like Mickie. That means all couples from WWE will be surrounding the ring. The match starts with each couple talking strategy John and Mickie kiss for good luck and then they start. John comes in and john and Chris lock up, but john throws Chris out of the ring and he is getting beat up on the outside.

Backstage before the match-Mickie,"Hey John, you ready? " Mickie,"Yea, but I'm kinda nervous." John, "Well, maybe I can give you a little support." Mickie,"Oh, really? " King, "Their match is next."Jericho and Trish enter first, the crowd is booing them. Trish comes in and slaps John, before john could do anything Mickie does a Thesz press off the top rope and throws Trish out of the ring.

While this incident took place many years ago, it seems surprising that within a month, both Ken Doane and Mickie James have returned to the WWE.

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