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Finally I pulled up in the middle of the muddy field and stopped the car. Claudia thought but the firm chain pulling on her pussy lip lead her away from him. He took a whole memory cartridge of the demoralized woman being lead around by her cunt chain.

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As he drove off Bethany could not keep her little hands from reaching out and started to explore the muddy right nipple of the chained nude. Call the police and hav..." "Now that would be plumb unneighborly. Besides sometimes he lets me come over and play with his animals, and if I called the law on him he'd be mad at me.. She didn't even feel him un cuff her and shift her hands to over her belly.

She hunched her shoulders over further, but the damn prod inside her, did not allow her to curl up. Feasting her eyes on Claudia's nude pulchritude the little girl broke out in a cute little smile. A bit odd, but he seemed to keep all his girl friends like this?? She remembered other times, she had gone to his barn and he let her play with .... " Bethany inquired with her big eyes delighted at the prospect as she looked into the truck's open window. Then she slumped down, lost into another ethereal plain. She was too exhausted to offer even token resistance when he manipulated her clit to a number of other cums for his own enjoyment.

As she exited the vehicle she tried to straighten the wrinkles of her dress. It all ways pays to invade, their personal space, right away and get rid of the small stuff first thing! I policed up the other one and flung um in the trunk and slammed it shut. Stand up and don't try any of that shy virgin shit with me." She rose unsteadily to her feet and stood there shaking with fear and forcing her hands to stay crossed over her soft round belly. As I approached the vast open field, with her nude body, I could easily see she had tried to 'run' away ... As I drove up she saw the red truck and felt she was saved! That little, stick out, pouting of the lip, yea, she had it down pat! I just nudged her deeper into the mud and this time I made sure to get her hair deep into the sticky red muck! Stepping back from the mess I and let her uncoil from her enforced position and 'rest up' for a moment. Like her normal routine she lay there while her mind remembered where she was and what had caused this. Further examination showed someone had writing something in black ink on the inner surfaces of the opposite lip!!! Maybe when she had a little nap, and awoke from this weird dream, she would be back home all safe and warm in her own warm bed, with her nice safe boring husband. Her hands sought to support her aching head, and cover her eyes, from the laser like rays of the sun. Then he reached down with something metalic in his hand and sought something else inside her stinging labia.

Looking right in her eyes I walked swiftly right up to where I could stair down into her wide opened eyes. When back at home, and got out my red truck, and mounted the wood horse, securely in the truck bed ... A top the horizontal 'horsie's' wooden member is a nice vertical metal 1 by 3 angle iron, that seems to just fit so nicely in a naked bitche's crotch. So I set forth to retrieve her for her monumental 'ride into slavery'. For that I'd just naturally have to tan her little already reddening ass as for her.. " She looked up from her position in the mud, with those pleading eyes, that probably had gotten her soo much in the past. Careful to not get mud on myself I released her left ankle from the metal cuff. Her eyes open first, but the pounding in her head forced them to close almost immediately. She found a small gold ring implanted in her right labia. She laid back partially to alleviate the throbbing inside her head, and also to ponder where she was and what had happened! SPLASSSSHHHHH A bucket of COOOOOLLLLDDDD water materialized all over her naked body forcing her from her attempted escape into sleep. Quickly she rose up to her knees, then attempting to curl over to cover her goodies, but the chain around her neck stopped any further progress and the pounding inside her brain drove her back down to the ground on her naked butt. " he demanded of the groggy nude, "Little Bethany here has come all this way, just to play with you, and you seem to be soo shy." He took a firm hold of her golden locks and dragged her to an almost vertical position on her knees.

He detached her from the table and man handed her body over to the strange device on the floor. Next the ingenious part of the mechanism was called into play! " she shouted to no avail as the finger, it's lube job done was withdrawn and replaced with a large complicated enema nozzle. Now I'll read the question parts and you'll read the answers that are there. Any fuck ups on your part, and we will wait for a while and then start all over again." He informed her. She was soo grateful she felt she was in love with him.

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