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“We work to educate our members about protecting their personal information and advise them never to provide financial assistance to someone they meet online,” she said.

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But the closure of the plant, which provides about a quarter of New York City’s electricity, isn’t a done deal." — Robert Bryce Even in the poorest countries, a traveler can expect to reach an airport terminal by automobile, but the traffic congestion at La Guardia has gotten so nightmarish that passengers are jumping from cabs along the highway and schlepping their bags on foot to the terminal."The protests were intended, above all, to express the protesters’ moral superiority to the president and those who voted for him.

Such expressions are off-putting, in general, but when organized and led by today’s Democratic Party, they are positively nauseating." — Charles Calomiris"Effective alternatives to costly drugs aren’t always available.

Gen-Y and online dating: More and more young people are signing up for online dating then ever before.

According to research completed by RSVP, 31% of Gen-Y males and 33% of Gen-Y females have tried online dating.

It’s curious how people’s beliefs about matters of fact often follow their political opinions, rather than the other way around.

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