Computer crashes after updating to sp2

The following instructions are based on the Symantec articles, Cannot use a specific program after installing Norton 360 and My Internet-enabled application or device is not able to access the Internet after installing Norton 360 2.0 To modify the Firewall Protection settings for your Mozilla application, The firewall component of Norton Internet Security (NIS) must be configured to allow updated programs to use the Internet.If your Mozilla application cannot access the Internet, follow these instructions (from the Symantec support articles, Some Internet-enabled programs can no longer access Internet after installing Norton Internet Security 2008 and Cannot use a specific program after installing Norton Internet Security 2007): Allow access to the program in Firewall Program Rules For other versions of Norton Internet Security, see this Symantec Knowledge Base article as well as Configuring Norton Internet Security (Firefox Support) and this forum post.

computer crashes after updating to sp2-47

A personal firewall (e.g., the Norton firewall and Zone Alarm) is a security program that controls access to the Internet.

The firewall may be a freestanding program, or it may be part of an Internet security package.

If the AVG Internet Security firewall is blocking internet access, delete the application rule for your Mozilla application, then grant access the next time you are asked.

The following instructions are from the AVG 8.0 Technical FAQ: Editing or deleting current rule See also Configuring CA Internet Security Suite (Firefox Support) For CA Internet Security 2007-2008, see the instructions for CA Personal Firewall, below.

For more information see these Mc Afee support documents: The Symantec support site for Norton products offers extensive resources, including the Auto Fix Tool for home users and a FAQ page. Important: Even after all Norton products are uninstalled, a driver or kernel service (e.g., SYMTDI) can be left behind that blocks Internet access.

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