Comverse technology stock option backdating

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The mission of the Financial Institution Fraud Unit is to identify, target, disrupt, and dismantle criminal organizations and individuals engaged in fraud schemes which target our nation’s financial institutions.

Areas investigated in the financial institution fraud arena include: financial institution failures, insider fraud, check fraud, counterfeit negotiable instruments, check kiting, loan fraud, and mortgage fraud.

Although the FSP’s mission is closely tied to that of the AF/MLU, it does have a separate mission statement which is documented as follows: The mission of the FSP is to support the forfeiture component of all major FBI investigations through data entry and analysis of financial documents, forensic accounting, and tracing assets subject to forfeiture.

Based upon field office crime surveys, current trends in the White Collar Crime arena, and directives established by the President, the Attorney General, and the Criminal Investigative Division, the following national priorities for the White Collar Crime Program have been established: Public Corruption, Corporate Fraud/Securities Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Financial Institution Fraud, Insurance Fraud and Money Laundering.

The following notable statistical accomplishments are reflective in FY 2006 for Corporate Fraud: $1.2 billion in Restitutions, $41.5 million in Recoveries, $14.2 million in Fines, and $62.6 million in Seizures. (Comverse) is a New York-based designer and manufacturer of telecommunication systems and software, with reported revenues of $1.2 billion in FY 2005.

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