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So, my fundamental question is : When his log records the date as say 28 April 1770 (he was in Botany Bay) what was the actual date …. I am trying to find out WHEN the IDL was introduced to the NSW Calendar. if my relatives born and raised in NSW in the early part of the 19th C, ie when Gov Macquarie ruled (1810-1821) experienced any adjustment to their calendar during their lifetime….

I realise that in 1770, it was not yet drawn on maps etc. Or if that happened during the life of their children or their grandchildren etc etc etc. Or perhaps it was an adjustment made to the calendars of those on the EASTERN side of the IDL ….

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Fortunately, Captain Phillip’s sailed eastwards to Australia without crossing the IDL and hence there was no ambiguity about the dates that he introduced to his infant Colony.

In any case, the astronomer with the First Fleet, Lieutenant William Dawes, recorded the longitude of Sydney in the modern fashion of 10 hours 5 minutes and 24 seconds east of Greenwich, so that he was clearly aware that the Colony was on the west side of the IDL.

However, as Cook did not add the extra day on crossing the IDL it is now usual to correct his date to 29 April.

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