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Be prepared to describe at least three experiences that illustrate how you tackled challenges and met and surpassed any goals.However, don’t communicate it in bullet form, but be like a lawyer who not only holds up exhibit A, B and C, but also puts the information into context by telling a story.One big mistake that people make is that they come off too rehearsed during their pitch. Get as much feedback as possible from friends, mentors or other entrepreneurs.

If you've worked with big names or reputable brands, or event the competitors of your audience, don't be afraid to weave that into your pitch.

It lends credibility to your business if you are able to show how your business has helped solve problems or create value for a well known brand.

She has supported the restructuring of the National Immigration social services, the French national council for refugees and asylum seekers, and many other social services.

Thanks to her expertise, she has also been involved in change management for MNCs in the air and space industries, water industry, and insurance, amongst others.

Remember to tailor your call to action according to your audience!

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