Dating a non catholic

As a result of this, when a Catholic girl receives a date invitation from someone outside of her faith community, it is not so quickly dismissed and is instead worth some serious consideration.

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The subject matter of those posts generated considerable discussion in my local Catholic community of San Diego, which pleased me no end since this was my main goal in writing them in the first place.

The fact that it was also an extremely cathartic writing experience was just an added bonus!

I suppose it is pertinent to this post to discuss my own dating history.

In recent years, I have dated Catholics, but this has not always been the case…

Concerning this kind of union, the Church has the following wisdom to share: allowed and gives some guidance as to how to live out such a relationship. The Catechism continues in its teaching on Marriage by offering a word of caution to those embarking on marriage to a non-Catholic: Tomorrow, we’ll explore this subject in greater depth and consider some of the questions which we can ask to help identify areas of potential conflict when dating someone outside of the Catholic Faith.

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