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i have even proof of it which are books published in 1970 by British authors. regards bruce d Hello, I am a new member and I have for only a few weeks been a Enfield-owner.

so all the bikes sold in india and where not manufactured there are fake bikes? where riding delhi - europe with friends 2 350cc bullet´s and 1 diesel bullet - a few years ago. funny enough we had no problems besides a broken chain... They said the could not verify the age of the bike from the very worn Indian vehicle document.

(9000km ride, two bikes) and a destroyed rear sproket because our friend did not grease the chain on his diesel... by the way, we got ALL our bikes registred at home. and yes they are ALL but together of pieces - was hard to get a completely original 1964 bike!!! So if someone here can help me dechiffering the serial-number(s) into some year/date, that would be fine.

So the number on your frame may be correct for a bike frame made about 1956 but a 500cc engine could not possibly have a G2 number.

I think your bike is what we would call a "BITSA" ie made from bits and pieces.

Regards Leif Brynildsen Lillehammer, Norway hi, everyone there.

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