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Dating a swiss woman

A handshake is the normal greeting between men and women unless one is very familiar with the person.

In this case, a triple kiss on each cheek is appropriate - This consists of first one kiss on one cheek, then one on the next cheek, and finally back to the first cheek.

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They certainly do not do it as aggressively as British or American women, for example, and when I visit the States or Britain, it always catches me off-guard when the lady at the gas station or grocery store is gifting me with a big smile, witty banter, and long eye-contact -just as a matter of course, not because they are that attracted to me...because most Swiss women just do not do that.)-generally do not make eye-contact with men on the street (see comment about flirting above)-seem to be very mature about choosing a mate (I have seen many Swiss couples in which the woman is much more attractive than the man, and no, the man was not extremely wealthy.)-HYPER-focused on security in terms of adequate salary and insurances for living a safe, stable life-tend to suffer from a lot of cultural and inner pressure to be "perfect", which can make some Swiss women seem a bit flighty and nervous sometimes.

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