Adult sex dating sites with video previews - Dating and credit scores

Since money is one of the most common subjects of fights in relationships, it might be smart to understand just what your partner is bringing to the table before you commit. Online dating sites dedicated to helping you find a credit-worthy mate are popping up.Credit Score Dating, where “good credit scores are sexy,” let’s you browse singles by credit score, and most of the people registered on these types of site have cream-of-the-crop credit scores to begin with.You don’t want to be surprised when that car salesmen returns with a denial because of a bad credit score.

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That’s right: many of those out on the dating scene and looking for love are now evaluating a person’s credit score before things turn too serious.

What happened to simple criteria like attractive, smart and funny? Perhaps a struggling economy has increased the importance of smart money management and a solid credit score in the eyes of the dating world.

Another reason that more singles are asking for those three magic digits is because it’s becoming easier to access your credit score for free online.

In the past, someone wanting their credit score would have to pay a small fee to access that information.

If you know that your partner has similar attitudes towards money going into the relationship, you’re more likely to avoid future money arguments down the road.

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