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For instance, you can't read any emails or winks until you pay so when I posted an ad and got a response, I paid. Since I only get winks from men 3,000 miles (or more) away and these very odd ones I'm beginning to think sends them to keep people paying but they are so weird and so distant no one bothers responding.Only it was some very strange person (this last time it was a woman who wanted to get together with other women to complain about the men! I always respond with at least a no thank you but I never hear back from anyone I wrote or winked at. I went and paid for three months this time and because I know people that have met people thru this medium, I don't want to take it down (okay and maybe pure stubborness I paid for it so I want to have some fun.

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Dating off online rip best dating websites for swingers

Don't know if it was just a line- but many guys that I met said that I looked better in RL than on my profile..good for my fragile ego- lie or not! If I was going to meet them, I was going to spend time with them. As for the cost- not sure how much it is now, but I rationalized that I would spend $100 on a concert, dinner and drinks, so spending $80 or whatever it was, was cheap- the equivalent of a couple of dinners out.

I looked at eharmony but it was really expensive and I don't like that you have no control over who you look at--they send the matches to you--very limited.

We need to come up with a better site for single people to talk to each other.

No talking going on at those sites that is for sure. My account also shows I got a wink but I can't access it and when I wrote customer service all I got back was a form letter not telling me anything.

Not sure what a guy's test would be other than get some decent pictures, update your look (older men), spell check, and smile.

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