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In Samaritan practice, men gather for a religious ceremony on Mount Gerizim that includes the ancient lamb sacrifice (7th day)‎ Pesah, Pesakh, Assyrian; ܦܸܨܚܵܐ "piskha"), is an important, biblically derived Jewish holiday.

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There is a ceremony of Seder that is performed on the first two evenings of Passover celebrations.

The Passover date usually starts on the night of the fifteenth day of the month of Nissan as per the Hebrew calendar.

Passover date and day in 2017 will commence on Tuesday, 11th of April and stretches till 17th of April – for 7 long days.

As the Jewish custom, many Jews can also start to celebrate Passover on the sunset of the previous day – 10th of April.

So, whichever Passover date it is, make sure that it is celebrated with grandeur and joy.

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