Dating your brother in law

She looks a little bit like my brother's wife but not to the point it turns me off.I lived with my SIL for 4 years so I don't feel anything for her in that way, her sister is another story though.If it's someone from your gardening club, then you risk extra drama when you go gardening.

Other than affecting the splitting of holidays and the drawing of family trees, it doesn't seem to cause much trouble.

At least, so long as nobody is stupid enough to repeat firstnames... Bernhardi ---- Germany and the Next War I'm down with going for it.

And some asshole allowed both sets of parents to give them identical firstnames.

And then, they got to attend the same school, so they got to be in the same class. I know several other cases of siblings married to siblings.

But it doesn't sound like that's the case, and there's plenty of people that are "pretty hot and seem like a nice person", most of which probably aren't already related to the OP (and probably live closer than a few hours away, as well).

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