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Again, the term Russian mail order brides can be misleading, although we use it because many are familiar with it.

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Mention the idea to your friends or family, and you’ll see what I mean…;-) For some reason, it seems that many otherwise intelligent people are eager to assume that the negative myths are true about these ladies and their motivation.

And as I said, although I had an open mind, I had some of the typical misconceptions in the beginning as well.

We will sometimes use the terms because many people are familiar with them and find these pages by searching for those phrases, but know the true situation. But first, I want to ask you: Have you been feeling like there must be more single women out there to choose from besides the women you see when you go out, many of whom have let themselves go?

Do you have a feeling that gnaws at your gut that there must be quality, intelligent ladies out there who take care of themselves and are in great shape, but everywhere you go, it seems there are nothing but the same average to overweight women with plenty of attitude, who think you are lucky if they give you the privilege of spending money on them?

When I first became interested in the possibility of finding a Russian mail order bride, I was aware of misconceptions, since I myself had some preconceived ideas that were wrong.

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