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A former honcho at Tinder is suing the company she co-founded ...

claiming her co-founders acted like frat boys and called her a whore.

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They are also hungry for fun assignments—like going on a date—but more about this in due course.

As a scholar, theologies of marriage and family are not part of my native "training set." Of course, it helps my instruction that I am married (with children)—and have been for 15 robust and life-giving years; but it has also become clear to me that the course is a perfect venue for introducing students to the basic questions of Christian theology, anthropology and spirituality.

One of my pet intellectual interests is how the structural encroachment of digital (i.e.

“virtual”) life into the real has subtly amplified certain corners of human life and spirituality—particularly in “developed” cultures.

Going on a physical date with prescribed parameters (where phones stay in pockets and purses and side hugs are held in high regard) helps to reorient students and aids, ironically, in the restoration of imagination.

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