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Prof Elizabeth Loftus When I got into the memory wars which was about the early 1990s, I thought well maybe, maybe there is some evidence for massive repression of horrific brutalization.

Defrocked priest Paul Shanley now resides in a US jail, convicted of serially raping a young boy.

But is it possible his accuser remembers in vivid detail something that never happened?

NARRATIONWhen it came to court, three of the men were dropped by the prosecutors, leaving one to testify. NARRATIONDr James Chu is the Boston psychiatrist who testified for the prosecution.

Dr James Chu If you've been repeatedly traumatised, you're actually much more likely to block it out eventually than if it's happened once or twice.

Prof Elizabeth Loftus I don't really think we ought to be throwing people into prison based on a, a flimsy theory, no matter how logical the theory might sound to somebody. NARRATIONBack at the lab, I'm given a list of things I may have experienced as a kid, and I have to rate my confidence they really happened.

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